Bracketology update through 02/07/2019

This will be the last update until Monday. There aren’t really any games of significance tonight and I’ll be traveling to a basketball game on Sunday. It will be interesting to see the committees top 16 tomorrow. I would imagine they will have a Nevada as a top 4 seed whereas I don’t and possibly Gonzaga as a 1 over Michigan. Seeds 3-5 are kind of a mosh pit of teams right now so I’m most interested in their 9-16 teams more than anything.

A couple of new teams joined the bracket tonight because the other bubble teams keep doing what bubble teams do. Arkansas was the first team out and their next two games are very winnable. It’s likely they make an entrance next week at some point the way things are going. UNCG and VCU were also considered but there are certain metrics that prohibit me from including them in the fields as at large teams. I’ll write about the specifics in the upcoming days.


1 Duke
16 Prairie View/Robert Morris

8 Ohio St
9 Texas

12 Davidson

4 Marquette
13 Belmont

6 Kansas St
11 Temple

3 Purdue
14 Loyola Chicago

7 Cincinnati
10 Syracuse

2 Kentucky
15 Texas St


1 Michigan
16 Bucknell

8 Buffalo
9 Wofford

5 Villanova
12 Florida/Clemson

4 Iowa St
13 Vermont

6 Iowa
11 Alabama

3 Kansas
14 S Dakota St

7 Washington
10 Minnesota

2 Gonzaga
15 UC Irvine


1 Virginia
16 Sam Houston/Norfolk St

8 St John’s
9 Baylor

5 Maryland
12 New Mexico St

4 Virginia Tech
13 Old Dominion

6 Nevada
11 Utah St

3 Houston
14 N Kentucky

7 Florida St
10 Ole Miss

2 Michigan St
15 Princeton


1 Tennessee
16 Rider

8 Oklahoma
9 Lipscomb

5 Texas Tech
12 Indiana/Creighton

4 Louisville
13 Hofstra

6 Mississippi St
11 NC State

3 Wisconsin
14 Montana

7 Auburn
10 TCU

2 North Carolina
15 Radford


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