2009 Tournament Simulation

So I put a little twist on the selection of teams for this simulation. I used @BallTalk365 tournament projections, teams and seeds, and we are going to simulate that with the 2008-2009 rosters. This should make for some interesting selections and match ups. Just a reminder on how the scoring works:

R1 1 point*
R2 2 points*
R3 4 points
R4 8 points
R5 16 points
R6 32 points

*upsets in R1 and R2 count as double points(examples 15 over a 2, 9 over an 8, 6 over a 3 etc

The deadline to submit your bracket and entry fee is 5:00PM Central on 03/21/2020. The simulation will begin at 7:00PM Central and, like the previous simulation, I will go round by round, showing photos of the scores, and updating points at the conclusion of each round.

I will add an additional $10 to the prize pool as long as we get 25 entries.

Also, I’ve decided to run a simulation on NBA 2008 as well which will be free of charge. It will be a winner take all event with $10 going to the winner. However, if you paid $1 to get into the above NCAA simulation, your prize will be doubled to $20 if you win. Not a bad deal, eh? More details on that simulation and how the contest works once we finish the NCAA sim

Try your best to RT and let your followers know about these contests. I have a strange feeling that things are going to get way worse before they get better in regards to the COVID-19 situation. We may end up indoors for the majority of the Summer. Let’s pass the time having as much fun as possible. Goof luck to everyone!

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